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Companion Policy

Companion Policy

Ada Hospital Companion Policy

  • Whether the patient needs an accompanying person is determined by the patient’s doctor and is limited to one accompanying person.
  • A companion card is given to the companion in the service.
  • Accompanying persons are not accepted in intensive care units.
  • Accompanying persons must comply with hospital rules. In case of violation, the accompanying status of the person concerned will not be accepted.
  • Accompanying persons (except for physician and nurse directives) will not make any application for the patient.
  • The accompanying persons shall keep the belongings of the hospital tidy and clean, and the companion who damages the hospital property shall cover the damage.
  • Accompanying persons shall keep their accompanying identity cards issued in their names attached at all times.
  • Accompanying persons will not take patients out of the hospital or change their beds except for the request of the relevant physician or nurse.
  • Accompanying persons will not use tobacco and alcoholic substances within the hospital.
  • Accompanying persons shall not bring food or drink to the patient and shall not give any food or drink to the patient without consulting the physician or nurse.
  • Accompanying persons will not speak loudly in patient rooms and corridors, nor will they disturb employees and other patients.
  • Accompanying persons will benefit from the food services of our hospital without paying a separate fee by showing their accompanying cards.
  • In order to provide you with a peaceful environment, patients and their relatives; It is imperative that the patient does not speak loudly in the corridors of the room and the service, does not make noise. In addition, the televisions in your rooms should be used in a way not to disturb others.
  • Service nurses will be informed about the changes of companions.
  • Accompanying persons will inform the nurse when there are any problems with their patients.


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