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Hospital Organizational Structure

Hospital Organizational Structure

Ada Hospital Organizational Structure

1. OBJECTIVE: To establish the organizational structure of our hospital in a way that will enable the institution to achieve its goals and objectives and to cover all hospital activities; to include those responsible for corporate and clinical governance and to cover all of the activities of the institution.
1. 2. SCOPE:
It covers all units in our hospital.
3. RESPONSIBILITIES AND RELATIONS: The principal and substitute officers of each unit are determined by their unit supervisors and if necessary, they are officially written and notified to the persons with the consent of the Chief Physician. Assignments are revised according to the need and new assignments are made.
4.1. Vertical Integration Points :
As can be seen in the organizational chart, the organizational levels are under the management of each other in a gradual manner from top to bottom.
In our institution, vertical (hierarchical) and horizontal management methods are used in order to work a large number of personnel, to group the work of the personnel and to manage them in accordance with the purpose in a discipline and to prevent loss of time in decision-making. The Hospital Manager, Chief Nurse, Quality Management Director are vertically connected to the Chief Physician and the organizational structure of our hospital is KU. YD.01 It is specified in the Organizational Chart and there is the Board of Directors at the top step.
4.2. Horizontal Integration Points:
In horizontal organization, tasks are taken into account, and expertise plays an important role. There is no rigid hierarchy as in vertical organization. The important thing is that the task is carried out effectively. In this type of organization, orders can be taken not from a higher supervisor, but from those concerned according to the requirements of the jobs. At the horizontal integration points, the Hospital Manager, the Chief Nurse and the Quality Management Director work as a team to ensure the division of labor, determine the powers and responsibilities and take into account the responsibilities arising from them.
5. DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY WHEN NECESSARY: The duties and responsibilities of all unit employees in the organizational chart are defined. When necessary, the delegation of authority is made with the approval of the Chief Physician to the employees who transfer authority and to whom the Authority is transferred with the internal correspondence document of the Institution. In the absence of the Chief Physician, the delegation of authority is made by the Deputy Chief Physician. In the absence of both, no delegation of authority is made. In case of conflict in the distribution of duties, the relevant persons contact the chief physician with their superior superiors and re-determine the ways to be taken in terms of solving the problem. The same powers and responsibilities have been defined for the personnel working in the same position and equivalence has been achieved in this sense.
KU.YD.01 Organization Chart

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