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Patient Rights

Patient Rights

Patient Rights

Every individual who applies to our hospital for diagnosis and treatment can follow the rights supervised by our department and written in this text at every stage: You can contact us if you need more details. info@giresunadahastanesi.com

1.1 Every individual who applies to our hospital, regardless of their physical, intellectual and social characteristics, has the right to benefit from the available diagnostic and treatment opportunities.

1.2 The patient has the right to choose the doctor and/or health institution and change it at any stage of the treatment.

2.1 The patient has the right to be treated in a respectful, gentle, compassionate and friendly environment at all times, while protecting his or her individual dignity.

2.2 He has the right to receive a health service provided all kinds of hygienic conditions are provided and all noisy and disturbing factors are eliminated.

3.1 The patient has the right to receive all kinds of health services in a confidential environment. He can expressly demand the protection of his privacy. All types of medical interventions are performed with respect for the patient’s privacy.

4.1 The patient has the right to learn about the health services and possibilities and to request all kinds of information about her health status.

5.1 She has the right to choose and change the health institution and to benefit from the health services provided in the health institution she chooses, to learn the identities, duties and titles of the doctors and other health workers who will provide health services.

6.1 The patient can examine the file and records containing information about his/her health status directly or with his/her representative and take a copy. These records can only be seen by those directly involved in the patient’s treatment.

6.2 They have the right to receive all kinds of health services in a confidential environment.

7.1 He has the right to refuse the treatment, to ask for it to be stopped, to obtain his consent in medical interventions and to benefit from the service within the framework of consent.

7.2 No one; No medical intervention can be made for the purpose of experience, research or education without its consent.

8.1 Necessary measures are taken for patients to freely fulfill their religious obligations within the possibilities of our hospital.

9.1 The admission of patient visitors is carried out in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by our Hospital and in a way that does not cause acts and attitudes that will disturb the peace and tranquility of the patients, and necessary measures are taken in this regard.

9.2 To assist the patient during examination and treatment; To the extent that the legislation and hospital facilities allow and the patient’s health condition requires, it may be requested to have a companion, subject to the approval of the physician responsible for the treatment.

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